Who we are

The city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the main tourist destinations in South America and the main gateway to international tourism in Brazil. The monitoring and transparency of this industry are essential for public knowledge and planning of all sectors and entrepreneurs that work in Rio de Janeiro’s productive chain.

In this aspect, the Research Center and Tourism Applied Studies of the City of Rio de Janeiro – RioCeptur – has come to fill a gap in our industry, bringing together a substantial assortment of information, research and statistical data from the main players in the city’s tourism segment.

This valuable tool will provide users with B2B strategic market analyses by presenting up-to-date market scenarios to guide the investors to position themselves advantageously in a competitive environment.

RioCeptur is being managed by Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau (Rio CVB). This new management will enable a monthly monitoring of the city’s tourism activity performance.

The content of RioCeptur is to assist investors, researchers and opinion leaders by providing strategic information and generating business opportunities in our city.


Sonia Chami

Executive President

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau



Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private, non-profit foundation, which aims to stimulate and increase the tourist flow and attract congresses, trade shows and conventions to the city of Rio de Janeiro. The entity also acts on supporting the promoters, associations, institutions, companies and corporations, simplifying the work for those who are interested in holding their events in the city.

Together with the main associations and official tourist boards of the city and state, Rio CVB regularly participates in events of the national and international tourism industry calendar. It also promotes seminars, roadshows, meetings and educational presentations to its members, tourism trade and press, presenting the capital of Rio de Janeiro as an ideal destination to host events of any nature and magnitude.

Committed to boost local tourism and foster the businesses of its members, the foundation maintains strategic alliances with organizational entities, such as the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association (ACRJ), acting as a true Chamber of Commerce. The Rio CVB is also working close to major tourism organizations in the country to discuss, together with the Federal Government, important guidelines for the national tourism market growth.

With the purpose of moving the local tourism chain forward and creating means to facilitate the arrival and staying of leisure and business tourists, the Foundation maintains an integrated relationship with airlines, hotels, tour operators and travel agents, venues, event organizers, and all the businesses community involved in this sector.

The Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau is an important agent in the transformation and maintenance of the tourism activities in Rio, especially those that relate to the business and events market. Its role is also to collaborate with the local economy, helping to sustain all sectors that work, directly or indirectly, with tourism.